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Refuge Medical

Boo-Boo 2.0 Basic First Aid Kit

Boo-Boo 2.0 Basic First Aid Kit

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Made in the USA! 

Our Boo-Boo 2.0 Kit is an enhanced version of our previous Boo-Boo Kit. Now containing an Esmark Compression Bandage in an easy to access outer pouch, as well as a Mini-Compression bandage to treat a larger variety of wounds! Still an American-made comprehensive first aid kit for common household injuries. Designed to be small, portable, and handy, the Boo-Boo 2.0 Kit from Refuge Medical offers far more value and capability than the competition. If you're tired of worthless store-bought foreign garbage first aid kits, this is the perfect small first aid kit for you. Guaranteed forever just like all our other kits.

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